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Websites, Landing Pages, and Project Management Solutions for Mobile, Web Apps & Custom Software Solutions

Designing a Wellness Brand Identity.

We worked with a very well known and highly regarded wellness practitioner based out of Greater NYC to develop her brand identity and fully functional website equipped with automatic scheduling and events calendar.

Building a Community Hub.

The College Club of Greater Lawrence came to us looking for a solution that would allow students to apply for scholarships directly online, have a place where organization members could login to view important, member-only information and a calendar to view events.

A Brand Refresh.

Working off of a beautifully designed UI/UX mockup prepared by a designer we worked with, we were able to develop the vision into a streamline and beautifully functional website, replacing their agency’s out-dated version.

Expanding a Start-Up's Brand.

We worked directly with the owner of a New Haven, CT based audio services startup. Working with an already established logo, we developed an extended style guide and introductory website. 

Website for a Recruitment Firm.

We worked with a recruitment firm by extending their brand identity from their logo as a reference. We developed a simple landing page with color choice and iconography to further embellish the brand. To finish it off, we worked directly with the owner to develop the finalized copy and call to actions.

Building for E-commerce.

We developed a fully functional E-Commerce website in Shopify for an all natural care products company which currently went back to stealth mode.

Website Refresh for an Engineering Firm.

We worked with an Engineering Firm based out of Pennsylvania to redo their customer facing marketing website with a fresh new look including custom iconography and hand selected photos that complement the various services they offer. 

Designing a Personal Brand Website.

Jim Thomas wanted to extend his brand past his involvement with his main organization he started to develop his own personal brand. We developed a website to highlight his individual accomplishments.

An Audio Solution for Publishers

Front End & Back End Development

Working with an SaaS startup in New Haven, CT, we built a solution that involved the ability for audio to be uploaded to our database, then streamed on a third party website by implementing a custom code snippet into their front end code.

Enterprise SaaS Product

Front End Development

Our team worked on the front end of the application designing out the user interface and overall user experience of the application on web and mobile product which housed sequenced video courses for employees of companies who purchased the software. We built the front end using Angular.js. This startup was acquired by Mimecast in 2018. 

Projects Under NDA.

Education Technology

We designed a custom user interface and developed a web application which included dozens of customized modules, complex charting and sorting tools, large data sets & Google maps integration tied to local data sets and advanced filtering mechanisms.

Online Marketplace

We designed a custom user interface and developed a full ecommerce solution using the MEAN stack. The solution was was built with the ability to house hundreds of merchant seller accounts and it incorporated payment processing and shipping tools

Prototyping & User Experience Testing

Working with a fortune 500 Bank with offices located in NYC and Japan, we built a prototyping testing solution using the MEAN stack. Included was realtime chart and table updates. The solution was built to test optimal user experience for bank traders

Prototyping Project with Invision App

Working with an Oil Supply Brokerage Startup, we built a custom user interface and clickable prototype using Sketch & Invision App, an online prototyping tool.

Mobile App Development

Working with a Business Continuity Services Company based in Trumbull, CT, we built an app for iOS and Android using a cross platform code base.

Solar Measurement Tool

Working with a Solar Engineering and Design company, we rebuilt their customer facing online solar measurement tool using HTML, CSS & PHP.

Online Art Gallery for Photography

Working with a Social Impact consultancy, we built a robust online art gallery housing pieces by National Geographic photographers where a certain percentage of profits went to socially conscious initiatives that matched the theme of the photos being sold.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our experience has been working with the following technology stacks for our web and mobile app projects:  Angular.js, Node.js, Ionic, Cordova, Express.js, Meteor.js, MongoDB, PHP & MySQL.

For our website projects, we have experience working with all the most popular platforms. Our focus as an agency has been WordPress and Shopify as the top 2 we typically build with.

We charge an agreed upon project fee for web projects. Our ongoing design and development work rates range from $35/hour to $150/hour depending on what needs to get done with your project and what level of quality you want on your project. Web Development is very similar to buying a car. You can buy a Chevy or a Porsche. They will both get you to where you want to go, but you’ll be paying more for the Porsche which gives you all the benefits a more expensive car has to offer.

There are many agencies out there to work with. What we have to offer is our care for the work we do and the shared goal of success on every project we take on. We stand for the utmost dedication, detail and delivery on every single project we take on from start to finish. 

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